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3 day notice to pay or quit

3 Day Notice To Quit Or Pay 

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A legal procedure should be followed by either the landlord or bank before lawfully evict you from your home or a rental unit. Usually, a notice is issued before the eviction process, for instance, a 3 day notice to quit. You can access our offices for eviction assistance particularly if your landlord or bank tries to evict you from the unit without having served you with a notice before doing so. 

It is good you know that the landlord or the concerned authorities have the lawful authority to sue you in Court with an eviction lawsuit, known as an Unlawful Detainer in cases where he/she had issued you with a notice before and you failed to comply with it. There are quite a few kinds of notices that your landlord can issue you with, these can be of (3-days, 30-days, 60-days or 90-days) regarding the terms and conditions he/she agreed to. Rules may change in cases where you are in subsidizing housing (Section 8 Voucher) or you reside in a mobile home park. Below are the some common samples of letters they may use:


3-Day Notice to Quit or Pay Your Rent

This notice must be in writing and is commonly used first by the landlords when the tenant is behind on the rent. This notice comprise of the following: 



3-Day Notice to Quit or Perform Covenants 

In cases where the tenant is breaching the lease /rental agreement and the problem can be resolved, it is when the Landlords usually use this notice. For instance, the tenant is subleasing/ letting-out the unit to someone else or permitting more people to move in, not maintaining cleanliness or having late night large gatherings of people is in the defilement of the contract, the notice needs to ask the tenant to rectify the defilement in 3days or vacate out of the unit. The notice must be in writing and consist of the following:

Landlords typically use this notice when the tenant is breaking the lease/rental agreement and the problem can be fixed. For example, if the tenant is renting the unit to another person / subleasing or allowing others to move in, not keeping the unit clean or having large gathering of people late at night, is in violation of the agreement, the notice must ask the tenant to correct the violation within 3 days or move out of the property. The notice must be in writing and include the following in it:



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3 Day Notice California
3 day notice to quit or pay
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3-Day Notice to Quit

When there is enduring glitches with the tenants who causes or allows a “nuisance” on the property, practices illegal things within the property like vending or growing drugs, activities that would put at risk the health and the safety of the neighboring environment or general public or in cases where the tenant is committing waste that lowers the value of the property, this notice is used in such cases. The notice must be in writing and consists of the following:



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