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What Is The Eviction Timeline California

Eviction Timeline In California

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Chances are that at the moment you are feeling panicked since your landlord just handed you an eviction notice. What you need to do at this point in time is to calm down and take a breath. This website is meant to replace your fear with knowledge of the eviction timeline,  to help you navigate the waters of this troubling time.
The California eviction timeline depends on what type of eviction your landlord serves you with. It can be a 3-day, 5-day or 30-day eviction notice. If you are served with a 3-day notice you will want to act upon this immediately seeing as you only have 3 days to remedy the problem. The same applies with a 5-day notice, but here you have 5 days. On a 30-day eviction notice you have a little more time to get things together and figure out what you are going to do, these are the usual routes that occur with a CA eviction timeline (how to evict a tenant). If you think you have been unlawfully served an eviction notice you will want to consult with a lawyer to weigh your pros and cons of going against your landlord.
In Los Angeles county there is a specific timeline as well. The eviction timeline in Los Angeles and the eviction timeline in San Diego are just about the same and are as follows. You get your notice first, whether it be a 3, 30 or 60 day notice. You have the allotted amount of days to figure out what to do and respond to your landlords notice. And if you decide not to move out for whatever reason then your landlord can (and most likely will ) file an unlawful detainer against you. This pretty much means he is suing to have you evicted since you didn't either resolve a problem with him (such as a damage to the rental or missing rent) or you didn't move out. You now have 5 calendar days to respond to the courts about the unlawful detainer.


Eviction Notice and Process


If you haven't gotten a lawyer or some legal aid by this point you will definitely want one now. You now technically have two options. You can either file a written answer to the court and you will be given a court date, or you can choose to just ignore it (which really isn't a wise choice). If you ignore it then you will be given an automatic default judgment and you will definitely be evicted weather your landlord was in the wrong or not.
When you go to your trial date, plead your case and you win you will be able to stay in the rental. But if you lose you will end up being served a 5-day notice from the sheriff and will have to be out within those 5 days. If you aren't out within those 5 days the sheriff will return and will force you out.

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